Project Brand Ambassador: Spreading the Fab Vibe

Project Brand Ambassador? Check.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time you meet the chicest beauty league of the season. Yes, we’re talking about our very own ‘Wow Squad’. We’re back again, and this time we’ve UP our game!

So, welcome to Level Two of some serious beauty goals!

To start with, we picked our favourite Housejoy beauties and let them take the Wow Squad throne. We call them our ‘Brand Ambassadors’! And guess what? They all got a personalized code for discounts so they could spread the fab vibe amongst their own set of glam friends!

Wonder what we offered? – The special coupon code gave them a 20% off on all beauty services. So, every time someone booked using their coupon code, the entire  discounted amount was credited into their Housejoy wallet, all of which they could use on their favourite services! How cool is that?

Well, here’s a sneak-peek from the programme!

One of our Brandsmiths, Pooja, flaunting her Brand Ambassador badge from Housejoy!

Brand Ambassador Pooja


We were pleased to offer Namita, one of our brand ambassadors and a very loyal customer, this special beauty kit.

Brand Ambassador Namita


That’s our Housejoy executive offering the badge and hamper to another amazing brand ambassador! Could we be any happier looking at these pretty smiles?

Brand Ambassador


There’s no denying that we were completely wowed by the exceptional job our beauty queens did.

And now we sign off! But remember, this is just the beginning; there’s way more excitement coming your way!

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