Housejoy- Amit Bhargav

Housejoy gets a solemn nod from Lord Rama (of TV)!

Confused about our post title?! Let’s clear it out for you!

Recently, Amit Bhargav, the grave, charming “Rama” of “Seethe” fame and his better half had a little chit-chat with us. Over our chance encounter, we had the opportunity to get an insight on their thoughts about Housejoy. Though we initially felt a mixed rush of nervousness and excitement, what they had to say brought a sparkle to our eyes!

Take a quick peek into our conversation here:

And that’s how our one-on-one with the star couple went down! It was definitely a delightful and uplifting experience chatting with these widely known and loved television actors. But more importantly, we’re thrilled to have been able to serve their home service needs on time and on-point!

Here’s to hoping to be on every Indian house’s speed-dial soon (when it comes to home servicing)!

After all, there’s so much more you can do with some extra time on your hands, right? Even if that simply means taking some me-time!

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