Geyser Repair

Is Your Geyser Ready To Beat The Winter Chill?

Who doesn’t like a hot, steamy shower on a cold, freezing day? But if your geyser breaks down, this pleasurable experience would certainly become a nightmare. Not to forget, the flood of inconvenience that such unexpected breakdowns bring along with them. In order to prevent any such nightmare from knocking on your door, watch out for these signs –

1) Drip Tip Tip
Is your electric geyser leaking water from the top or the bottom? Chances are one of its pipes have loosened up or there could be a fault in the valve.

Geyser repair 1

2) Water Water Everywhere, But Not Hot Enough!
If water from your geyser is not hot enough, thermostat settings need to be checked upon.

Geyser repair 2

3) Popping/ Hissing/ Humming!
When there is a scale build-up on your heating elements or too much sediment build-up in the bottom of the tank, your geyser will likely produce strange noises.

Geyser repair 3

4) Crystal Clear To Rusty Coloured Water 
Watch out for the colour of hot water. If it’s rusty, the anode rod or the tank itself is possibly corroding.

Geyser repair 4

5)Trickling Hot Water

Over a period, salts get deposited inside the geyser, causing blockages. This results in the trickle of water.

Geyser repair 5

6) Dead Indicator Light 
If you turn your geyser on and yet the indicator doesn’t light up, there is likely to be an issue with its thermocouple.

Geyser repair 6

If your geyser is showing any of the above symptoms, it is necessary to get it checked. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run behind plumbers, simply call Housejoy and rest your worries with us.

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