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Brides Of 2017- Watch Out for These Trends!

“Flawless” is the only trigger word when it comes to wedding looks! After all, who doesn’t want to look their best when all those eyes and cameras are set on you? But with all the limelight also comes the unnerving yet unavoidable stress of making an undeniable impression. Well, let’s offer you our bit of help & jot down a few hair and make-up trends that are sure to make it BIG in 2017!

Take note, ladies!
1) A Feast For The Eyes

This year is going to be dramatic. Not hoping for any drama in your wedding though, just for your pretty eyes! Big eyelashes and bright-coloured eye makeup are what will rule in 2017. So bat those dolled up eyes and let the drama begin!

Brides #1

2) No More Cakey Make-up!

Gone is the era of heavily, contoured faces. It’s the year that demands fresh, glowy skin with only a tinge of natural looking makeup. No more long makeup sessions!Phew!

Brides #2
3) Read My Lips!

Matte lips were trending last year, but in 2017 gloss is back for good! And we couldn’t be happier! After all, there is nothing like glamming up your lips with that shimmering magic. All you brides-to-be, get ready to let your lips cast a spell!

Brides #3

4) Curl It Up

2016 was partial towards waves and loose curls. While we believe this trend can never go out of fashion, trend forecasters opine that this year fine, defined curls will be a thing to keep an eye out for!

Brides #4

5) Neat Buns Win The Game

Brides #5

How can we not get excited about this one?!

Though we confess our obsession with buns, be it loose, messy or plain; for a bride, there is nothing quite like a neat bun with a neatly decked gajra around it.

Before we bid adieu, let’s remind you looking drop dead gorgeous and on-trend on your wedding is no more a reason to stress over! You can just sit at home, soothe out your mind and body with a cup of piping hot tea, and call your salon home with Housejoy.

Note: Trends are important, but what really makes a bride shine is her dazzling smile and eyes full of dreams and hopes! And that beauty is what we call eternal.

Happy prepping for the big day, ladies!

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