Superbrands startup ideas- Housejoy

India Recognizes Housejoy as one of the Million Dollar Ideas of the Nation

Another feather to our cap!

Housejoy gets honoured as a ‘Superbrand’ by SuperStartUps India. And for those of you who like deep-dives, they’re a venture from the house of SuperBrands, none other than the most coveted multi-national brand endorsers we know!

Superbrands startup ideas- Housejoy

As the trend of ditching the conventional route and jumping into the startup pool keeps growing, the need to recognize and call out businesses putting in maximum innovation and effort becomes not only a validating, but also a cherishing experience. In a bid to bestow well-deserved acclaim on all Indian start-ups toiling away day and night with the unwavering goal of being the next BIG name in the startup industry, SuperStartUps decided to give the programme a unique spin; to have it judged by a confidential panel of thousands of netizens across 15 metros and various cities who voted based on their personal experiences with the contending brands.

As one of the 32 brands carefully culled out of a whopping 2000 participants’ list, this award serves not only as a badge for the “extraordinaire”, it encourages its winners to take a steep leap into growing further faster!

In the words of the prime anchor of the ship we call Housejoy, Saran Chatterjee,

“An election like this has been unprecedented in the startup world till now, and with an innovation index of 84.15% and action intent of 82.37%, Housejoy has qualified to be ranked as a SuperStartUp across 5 different parameters. This honor would make Housejoy as a brand stand out in the online ecosystem.”

startup idea- Housejoy

Tell us how you feel about this new milestone we’ve achieved on being crowned ‘one of the best startups in India’ in the comments section below.

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  1. Good Journey… Looking forward for many more to come …

    All the best Saran

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