Which Weekday Are You Quiz

Which Weekday Suits Your Personality?

We’ve not even run halfway through the week and we know exactly what your state of mind is! But to keep our motivation high and life a little more excited, here’s a little shift from how we generally perceive ‘same ol’ weekdays’. Take this quiz and find out which day of the week you best&hellip

summer drink quiz

Which Summer Drink Are You?

Summers mark a whole lotta excitement, glee and not to forget-  yummiest thirst quenching drinks! Although with the onset of summers, the scorching sun does take a toll on us, but it also holds true that coming back to your abode with a glass of your favourite cooler in hand takes all the stress and&hellip

wash care labels

How Well Can You Identify These Wash Care Labels?

While excessive shopping for clothes is a choice that we make, there’s something that comes with no choice at all- the upkeep of your apparels! And although every garment comes with a detailed wash care label to handle them with kid gloves, most of us often forget that they even exist. Result? Faded, shrunken, discoloured&hellip