Earth day

Housejoy ‘Fights Dirty’ for a Cleaner Cause!

Let’s let you in on a secret that’s not so secret – our fascination for cleaning comes from our belief of a cleaner environment; striving to make Mother Earth clean and unpolluted by doing whatever it takes. And that’s exactly how our initiative “fight dirty” was born this Earth Day. How did we ‘Fight Dirty’?&hellip

Animal Rescue

#JoySquad Brings Joy to the Purr-fect Shelter for Cats!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been quite some time that we as members of #JoySquad embarked on our mission- to help others and to spread smiles. And we can’t express how much we’re loving it already! Recently, we visited ‘CARE for Cats’ in Whitefield which is a part of Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre and helped&hellip

World Malaria Day: Facts about malaria

Facts About Malaria We Bet You Didn’t Know!

It’s World Malaria Day and before we start off with all the facts that you’ve got to pen down, there’s good news to have you stimulated for the cause: Malaria mortality rates have been falling globally (although it still poses a major threat to public health)! And if we join forces, we can definitely win&hellip

Bride title

Brides Of 2017- Watch Out for These Trends!

“Flawless” is the only trigger word when it comes to wedding looks! After all, who doesn’t want to look their best when all those eyes and cameras are set on you? But with all the limelight also comes the unnerving yet unavoidable stress of making an undeniable impression. Well, let’s offer you our bit of&hellip

Project Brand Ambassador: Spreading the Fab Vibe

Project Brand Ambassador? Check. If you haven’t yet, it’s time you meet the chicest beauty league of the season. Yes, we’re talking about our very own ‘Wow Squad’. We’re back again, and this time we’ve UP our game! So, welcome to Level Two of some serious beauty goals! To start with, we picked our favourite Housejoy&hellip

Wowed by the WOW Squad Event!

There’s no denying that the WOW (World of Women) squad’s be-all and end-all is beauty. To live up to its true spirit, Housejoy organized an all-beauties event at Sherlock’s Pub, Bangalore on Tuesday. And guess what? From some dazzling nail art to make-up sessions (and from munchies to awesome mocktails), we had them all! Here’s&hellip

Housejoy Laundry- The real story

The 1.5-year journey of Housejoy has been a roller coaster ride like any other start-up; what differentiates our experience from the rest is the fact that we embarked on a path to create a business that does not have a successful international example. We have been the pioneers of the home services market in India&hellip

To (Super)Mom, With Love

What isn’t a mother good at doing! She keeps the house neat and clean, makes delicious food (‘ma ke haath ka khaana’ is the real deal), looks after all the members of the family, and even manages to have a great career! As children, haven’t we all looked up to our mothers and wondered just&hellip