wash care labels

How Well Can You Identify These Wash Care Labels?

While excessive shopping for clothes is a choice that we make, there’s something that comes with no choice at all- the upkeep of your apparels! And although every garment comes with a detailed wash care label to handle them with kid gloves, most of us often forget that they even exist. Result? Faded, shrunken, discoloured&hellip

4 #NewThings You Can Do This Festive Season

It’s harvest season again and everything around us seems so fresh and new! Whether you are celebrating Pongal, Makar Sankranti or Lohri, we’re sure you’re getting the same vibrant festive vibes as we are. And there’s good news too; if you haven’t kick-started 2017 with a bang, here’s a second chance! We’re not sure if&hellip

A day in the life of our Laundryman….

Your work calendar is packed with half a dozen important client meetings to attend the next day and you have just realized that all your good clothes are in the wash. Panic would be the most natural reaction to such a situation but we have a better and more constructive solution – simply call in&hellip

Save Big on Your Laundry

Did you know that according to a recent study, the average homemaker spends over 5 months of his/her lifetime just doing laundry? I am sure that you can relate to this – take into consideration the staggering number of smaller tasks that one has to finish doing before and even after putting their clothes to&hellip