summer tan

This Is How I Tamed My Summer Tan

Product: Cheryl’s Glo Vite Facial Service: Housejoy Beauty Reviewed by: Sakshi Sharma Here comes summer and there  – your skin goes a shade darker! Sounds familiar? Westerners may love the idea of getting tanned, but for us Indians, it’s nothing less than a nightmare. And so, we double our efforts and use every preventive measure&hellip

wall decor ideas

Easy Tricks to Jazz up your Wall

There is no denying that a plain wall can be extremely boring unless you enjoy minimalism. But if you are a creative person, then you’ll definitely feel the itch to spice up the plain boring walls. With some excellent ideas like turning your wall into a post-it note haven to a wall covered in decals&hellip

Mother's Day

Housejoy Beautician Manju Redefining #MomGoals

To each one of us, our Mom is the most selfless, strong and graceful soul we’ve encountered. But is each day perfect with mom? Here’s the truth – there are days we feel inexplicably proud, lucky and grateful to have them in our lives. And then there are days we have ‘teeth-gnashing moments’ when we&hellip

Which Weekday Are You Quiz

Which Weekday Suits Your Personality?

We’ve not even run halfway through the week and we know exactly what your state of mind is! But to keep our motivation high and life a little more excited, here’s a little shift from how we generally perceive ‘same ol’ weekdays’. Take this quiz and find out which day of the week you best&hellip

Mother's Day

Send #CheersToMoms this Mother’s Day

Reminisce those sweet memories with the ‘sweetest woman on earth’? Those seething moments back then that evoked a burst of laughter when you pondered over them later? Or those innocent moments that only earned you an earful? All those little things you never fathomed would be as precious as an uncut diamond, rough at the&hellip

Animal Rescue

#JoySquad Brings Joy to the Purr-fect Shelter for Cats!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been quite some time that we as members of #JoySquad embarked on our mission- to help others and to spread smiles. And we can’t express how much we’re loving it already! Recently, we visited ‘CARE for Cats’ in Whitefield which is a part of Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre and helped&hellip

Review: All About Cheryl’s O2C2 Radiance Facial

Product: Cheryl’s O2C2 Radiance Facial Service: Housejoy Beauty Reviewed by: Housejoy Editor, Aditi Mishra With a gazillion beauty brands out there ballyhooing their new-in products, it often gets tedious to find “the one” skincare regimen that you can swear by. And even though it’s iffy to try out new products, the vicious cycle of “experimenting” has&hellip