5 Weight Loss Hacks

5 Fast & Easy Weight Loss Hacks for The New Year!

While a brand new year is knocking at your door, you’re still hungover on your unfulfilled resolutions of 2016; fitness being the first and the most important of them all! But hey, it’s time you buckle up because we’re here with 5 simple yet effective weight loss hacks that’ll help you shed a few kilos this New Year.&hellip

10 Easy Exercises to Do Indoors This Monsoon

Is the constant downpour affecting your workout schedule? We are talking about motivated joggers, gym hoppers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, of course. Fret no more – here is all that you need to know to break a sweat indoors and keep in shape through the monsoons. Washboard abs and toned legs are but a few&hellip

The 10 Top Fitness Myths Busted

Do you feel that the path to an enviable physique is strewn with many hurdles? In a bid to get slim or build muscle fast, we may take a few shortcuts that do more harm than good. You may be approaching your workout regimen the wrong way or consuming too many empty calories for the&hellip

The Ultimate Detox Guide

Do you feel bloated from a weekend of wild partying? Is a stressful, chock-a-block schedule keeping you from achieving your weight goals? Are your not-so-healthy eating habits making you sluggardly or listless? Do not fret – the path to redemption is not as difficult as you might think. All it will take is a little&hellip

Yoga asanas for weight loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

We all have our problem areas – some of us might not like the way our arms look (read: the dreaded arm jiggle), the little holiday weight we may be carrying around our middle, or our not-so-perfect calves. While it helps to work towards feeling comfortable in one’s own skin (a body-positive image can do us all a world of good). Here is why you should give power yoga a try and how you can get the most out of your workout.