Which Weekday Are You Quiz

Which Weekday Suits Your Personality?

We’ve not even run halfway through the week and we know exactly what your state of mind is! But to keep our motivation high and life a little more excited, here’s a little shift from how we generally perceive ‘same ol’ weekdays’. Take this quiz and find out which day of the week you best&hellip

Earth day

Housejoy ‘Fights Dirty’ for a Cleaner Cause!

Let’s let you in on a secret that’s not so secret – our fascination for cleaning comes from our belief of a cleaner environment; striving to make Mother Earth clean and unpolluted by doing whatever it takes. And that’s exactly how our initiative “fight dirty” was born this Earth Day. How did we ‘Fight Dirty’?&hellip

Housejoy- Amit Bhargav

Housejoy gets a solemn nod from Lord Rama (of TV)!

Confused about our post title?! Let’s clear it out for you! Recently, Amit Bhargav, the grave, charming “Rama” of “Seethe” fame and his better half had a little chit-chat with us. Over our chance encounter, we had the opportunity to get an insight on their thoughts about Housejoy. Though we initially felt a mixed rush&hellip

Better- referral

Good gets #1, Better gets Knockout!

Although we love the concept of ‘good’, ‘better’ is always more exciting! And when it comes to making decisions for the smallest of things, the “terrific” ones are often more effective. Now, how about taking a leap into what’s beyond good? The Clean-up Agenda The Quick-Fix The Chillin’ Code The Car Conduct The Hot-Shot Rule The&hellip

Laundry Hacks

Laundry Hacks You Can’t Do Without!

We often toss our garments in a machine without paying much attention to their washing guidelines. Result – faded T-shirt, shrunken top, and let’s not even go to tie-dyed nightmare. And when you think you have had it enough, yet another drilling task awaits you with open arms- Ironing! Phew! The good news is you&hellip

4 #NewThings You Can Do This Festive Season

It’s harvest season again and everything around us seems so fresh and new! Whether you are celebrating Pongal, Makar Sankranti or Lohri, we’re sure you’re getting the same vibrant festive vibes as we are. And there’s good news too; if you haven’t kick-started 2017 with a bang, here’s a second chance! We’re not sure if&hellip

Home cleaning

Is Your Home Ready For The New Year?

While you’re busy planning for that new year’s bash, spare some time preparing your home for the brand new year. Yes, we’re talking about cleaning up your little heaven. We know some of you may find this idea very boring, but believe us, there is nothing quite like waking up in a clean house, especially when&hellip