summer drink quiz

Which Summer Drink Are You?

Summers mark a whole lotta excitement, glee and not to forget-  yummiest thirst quenching drinks! Although with the onset of summers, the scorching sun does take a toll on us, but it also holds true that coming back to your abode with a glass of your favourite cooler in hand takes all the stress and&hellip

Better- referral

Good gets #1, Better gets Knockout!

Although we love the concept of ‘good’, ‘better’ is always more exciting! And when it comes to making decisions for the smallest of things, the “terrific” ones are often more effective. Now, how about taking a leap into what’s beyond good? The Clean-up Agenda The Quick-Fix The Chillin’ Code The Car Conduct The Hot-Shot Rule The&hellip

Geyser Repair

Is Your Geyser Ready To Beat The Winter Chill?

Who doesn’t like a hot, steamy shower on a cold, freezing day? But if your geyser breaks down, this pleasurable experience would certainly become a nightmare. Not to forget, the flood of inconvenience that such unexpected breakdowns bring along with them. In order to prevent any such nightmare from knocking on your door, watch out&hellip

Get the Latest Kitchen Appliances for Fuss-Free Cooking

The newest season of ‘Masterchef Australia’ has inspired many of us to don our chef’s hats and impress near and dear ones with our culinary skills. But as seen on the show, the secret to great cooking is an arsenal of cutting-edge, super functional kitchen appliances that make for quick and easy broiling, baking, grilling,&hellip