Wowed by the WOW Squad Event!

There’s no denying that the WOW (World of Women) squad’s be-all and end-all is beauty.

To live up to its true spirit, Housejoy organized an all-beauties event at Sherlock’s Pub, Bangalore on Tuesday. And guess what? From some dazzling nail art to make-up sessions (and from munchies to awesome mocktails), we had them all!

Here’s a lowdown of the event that made us go all sorts of WOW!


The lady who held the throne!

Chief guest- Zeba Sheriff

Hold on before you break the bank this month again! Zeba Sheriff, the internationally renowned make-up artist made flawlessness a part of our beauty vocabulary. Say hello to organic products like tomatoes, curd, lemons etc. Your refrigerator at your rescue!


And THAT’S how we NAIL-ed it with a fancy nail art corner!

Nail art



Yes, we got a live instagram handy just for you! Say #WOWSquad and cheese.

Photo booth


If you’re thinking that’s a Harry Potter spell, you’re partly right. All you gotta do is, get your brushes ready, start with upward strokes and say ‘Perfectus Eyelinaire’. Thank us later!



Just so you know, this was ONLY the beginning. And we’ve got so many magic potion recipes to offer. So, keep an eye out and watch this space!


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