Hard water problems

This is What You Need to Know About Your City’s Water!

Do skin and hair troubles never seem to scratch out from your long list of daily woes? Well, it could be your city’s hard water that’s the real troublemaker.

If you’re unaware of the demon that hard water is, it’s time you start noticing signs your skin and hair are giving you!

The Truth

Hard water contains a lot of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. And when these tough minerals interact with soap, they leave behind a lot of dirty residue, which can be the cause of most of your hair & skin troubles.

Hair Symptoms

The residue formed by hard water can dry your hair out, leaving it rough, flat and sticky riddled with split ends. In fact, it shows no mercy to your scalp either! Yes, the flaky, itchy scalp and dandruff could be due to your water.

And to add to your plight, hard water can worsen your dandruff problems if you already tend to have them!

Hard water problems

Skin Signs

Your skin pores get easily clogged by such residue leading to a gunky skin texture. And skin breakouts are a common upshot of clogged pores! Moreover, when your pores are clogged, the natural oils your skin releases get trapped forming acne and blemishes.

A Rescue from the Residue

Now, because the water’s playing ‘go hard or go home’ on you (quite literally!), it’s high time for you to take a step forward! There are plenty of ways out there to save your skin and hair from the dread of hard water. But if you’re looking for something simpler and cost-effective, Cleo Shower Filter is a great option. It filters, cleans and softens your water, making it a savior for your skin and hair and a must-install to every shower.

And about the installation bit? We’ll visit you personally and help you with that. You can thank us later!

So, give it a shot before it’s too late!

Hard Water- Cleo Shower Filter

Hard Water- Cleo Shower Filter

And after you’re done, don’t forget to let us know how it feels to have happy skin & healthy hair back again!

Tell us what’s your secret to dealing with hard water issues?

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