Keep House Cool- Summers

5 Simple Ways to Keep your House Cool in Summers

Most of us are from the “generation of coolers”. Unlike today, back in the 80s and 90s, air conditioners were a rare sight. This led us to finding creative ways to keep our house cool. So, why don’t we go ahead and take a quick glance at these traditional ways we can add a little chill to our summer days?

1) Welcome Only The Night Air

During summers, open the windows only after sunset. This will prevent the sun from additionally heating up your room.


2) Turn out Your Appliances

Television, power adapters, laptops produce a lot of heat. Avoid using them in your bedroom and switch them off when not in use. You will immediately notice the difference.


3) Go Green

Not only will it provide shade, but a good amount of greenery in your surroundings will reduce your home temperature easily by a few degrees.


4) Ditch Dark-Coloured Bedsheets

Light-colored fabrics reflect the heat instead of absorbing it. And also gives a feel of coolness to your room.


5) Keep Yourself Cool

If the temperature of your body is controlled, outside heat wouldn’t affect you that much. So, drink lots of ice tea, wear only cotton clothes and keep yourself hydrated.


Summers can be really taxing. But with the right tips & tricks, you can breeze through summers without breaking a sweat.

Happy and comfortable summers 🙂

When it comes to house-cooling hacks, what’s your personal favourite?


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